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The Freshwater Fix building, located at 205 S. 2nd Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a 7,000 square foot former industrial manufacturing building being repurposed for retail development. The building was historically owned by a tannery and has been cleaned-up as part of the redevelopment process. The building is located at a high traffic intersection in the rapidly redeveloping downtown neighborhood of Historic Walker’s Point, just south of Milwaukee’s city center. Within the past five years, nearly $100 million in commercial, retail and residential developments have been proposed, initiated or completed in the area.

The building holds the southwest corner of 2nd Street and Freshwater Way which is literally the gateway entrance to the new Reed Street Yards, a mixed-use urban office, educational, research & technology zone focused on the international water industry. Over time, the zone will house more than 1,000,000 square feet. Reed Street Yards is located on the south bank of the Menomonee River, and with over 1,000 feet of water frontage, the site is ideally situated to become an icon in the Milwaukee area. The Global Water Center is also located next door, immediately west of the Freshwater Fix building. This redevelopment transforms a blighting manufacturing building that was closed off to the street into a vibrant, engaging and street-friendly multi-tenant retail destination. This transformation completed to date has already proven to have assisted with positive neighborhood momentum and completion of the final tenant space will cement this impact. The proposed final tenant is also a water-related use, adding synergy with existing redevelopment priorities.


Purple Door Ice Cream

Purple Door Ice Cream is owned and operated by Lauren and Steve Schultz. Purple Door ice cream uses quality and local ingredients in the making of product. The super-premium, 14% butterfat ice cream uses milk and cream from Wisconsin dairies. Every batch of Purple Door ice cream is hand-crafted in small batches and taste-tested for balance, accuracy and depth. Purple Door is committed to social and environmental responsibility through the making and sales of product. Purple Door opened their retail scoop shop and ice cream production facility on –site in April 2014 and has a five-year lease for approximately 2,400 square feet. In 2015, Purple Door added additional freezer space in the loading dock area of the building to accommodate continued expansion.

Center For Resilient Cities

The Center for Resilient Cities is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that practices sustainable community development, working with neighbors to build communities that are good for people and good for the environment. They also have a strong emphasis on building local food systems. The organization is more than a decade old, with offices in both Madison and Milwaukee. We are excited to welcome them to the building. They are an excellent mission fit and, with their nonprofit status, will help us promote mutual aims. The building ownership group has contributed all tenant improvements. The Center has signed a three-year lease for approximately 1,500 square feet and will pay market-rate rent. The Center moved in during the spring of 2015.

Float Milwaukee

Float Milwaukee opened in summer 2015 and is owned and operated by Andy Larsen. Float Milwaukee offers floatation therapy, a deeply relaxation therapy in which people float effortlessly in pods (or tanks) filled with approximately 10 inches of water with 900 lbs. of dissolved Epson salts.  Float Milwaukee currently has three rooms, each of which contains a shower and a floatation tank. Water within the enclosed tanks (also known as isolation tanks or sensory deprivation tanks) is heated to average skin temperature (93.5F), which reduces the sensation between body and water. The tanks also diminish light and sound, providing a deeply relaxing experience that can provide relief from pain and stress as well as enhance focus, learning ability, and creativity.  The tanks are fully ventilated and water is sterilized using hydrogen peroxide.  The entire volume of the water/salt solution is circulated and filtered three times between each float using ozone and UV.

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