Innovation and Wellness Commons

Innovation and Wellness Commons

Fix Development was hired as a co-developer to work with Walnut Way Conservation Corp. on The Innovations and Wellness Commons, aka, The Commons

Fix Development provided guidance for project decisions involving funding, financing, design, tenant recruitment, construction and property start-up for this catalytic development project.

Download the Innovation and Wellness Commons Case Study.

Phase I construction was completed with tenant occupancy occurring in Fall 2015. Phase II is under development in 2020.  Walnut Way set three major goals for The Commons:


Social and Cultural Impact:

  • Create sustainable programs, products and services of restoration and healing, providing access in which individual wellbeing and neighborhood quality of life are cultivated.
  • Nurture and enhance connections among neighbors, organizations and valuable resources to improve individual health and quality of life, and strengthen a neighborhood culture of wellness.

Economic Impact:

  • Deepen shared investment in the neighborhood through a comprehensive economic strategy for enterprise development, leading to the creation of job training and employment opportunities for residents.
  • Design and position worker- owned businesses by leveraging the programs and financial resources of the Commons’ anchor institutions.

Environmental Impact:

  • Build a beautiful, environmentally sustainable campus that will be a catalyst in restoring vitality to the North Avenue commercial corridor.
  • Expand the Walnut Way campus of gardens and neighborhood environmental center, to a commercial location.
  • Engage the best ecological practices in architecture design and structure for this commercial facility
  • Incorporate craftsmanship in preservation and the use of sustainable materials
  • Provides shared space for community gatherings and environmental education.