Walker’s Point Home

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In 2002, Milwaukeeans Mike and Juli Kaufmann set out to better align their lives with their values of personal responsibility, commitment to urban community, and environmental sustainability. They decided to build a green house as an embodiment of these values since a house is the biggest financial investment and the most significant consumption of products they will likely make in their lifetime.

The construction of this single family home and adjacent rental space aligned with the development definitions of Fix Development.

After extensive research, a contaminated city lot that had stood vacant for nearly three decades within the fabric of Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point Neighborhood was identified as the home site. The Kaufmann’s acquired the lot from the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee and completed site clean-up in compliance with Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources brownfield remediation requirements. Groundbreaking on the brand new home occurred in November, 2005 with construction complete in July 2006.

Physical Development/Environmental Stewardship

This Walker’s Point Home is a 2,000 square feet, two-story, three bedrooms, two bath home with an adjacent 1000 square feet, two-story structure that includes three car garage space on the lower level with rental space above that can serve as either a one bedroom, one bath apartment or a spacious office with kitchen facility.

Highlights of the property include:

Designed to consume less energy than standard homes its size

  • Geothermal Heating and Cooling using the nearly constant temperature of the earth’s mass as a heat source in winter and a heat sink in summer
    ~ Cuts energy bills dramatically
    ~ Cuts greenhouse gas emissions
    ~ Reduces the cost of hot water
  • Bio-based, spray foam insulation filling every exterior wall cavity and designed to achieve R-values of 22 for walls and 42 for ceilings and eliminate nearly all infiltratio
  • Rooftop garden on rental property provides extra insulation to reduce heating and cooling costs

Efficient water usage

  • Dual flush toilets and low-flow fixtures to reduce water consumption
  • Rain Water Collection System with a recyclable, standing Galvalume®  steel roof that allows for rainwater harvesting without granules and petroleum wash off into rain barrels and integrated garden irrigation system that keeps all storm water from leaving the lot
  • Xeriscaping, a landscaping style that creates a visually attractive area that uses native plants selected for their water efficiency
  • Roof top garden on rental property holds up to 755 gallons of rainwater, reducing polluted storm water runoff and excess water in sewer system

Low Maintenance, non-toxic, reclaimed materials

  • PEX Plumbing offers non-toxic formulation free of harmful lead, copper and other minerals and durability from no joints behind the walls and guarantee not to corrode or erode
  • Reclaimed maple flooring or cork flooring, a renewable resource with insulating and sound dampening qualities
  • Low and no VOC interior paint
  • Low maintenance exterior of brick, concrete, stone and metal

Community Development/Social Equity/Cultural Continuity

Many of the home’s design details and art features the work of local craftsmen and artists. The exterior of the home utilizes modern design elements clad in durable finishes and remains in compliance with Historic Preservation standards, while blending the home into the character of the surrounding neighborhood and adding to increasing property values.

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