Sustainable Homes

Walker’s Point Single Family Home and Adjacent Rental Space

Built for the Kaufmann family, this project remediated a contaminated city lot to construct a green home that better aligned their lives with their personal values of personal responsibility, commitment to urban community and environmental sustainability.  It was designed to include a multitude of state of the art environmental features while blending into the character of the surrounding neighborhood.

Shorewood Single Family Home

For this project, Fix Development removed a deteriorating home on the verge of condemnation through careful deconstruction and replaced it with a three bedrooms, three bath home and office designed to be nearly “off the grid” energy efficient.  It utilizes durable and reclaimed building materials throughout and incorporated art and custom design features of local craftsmen.

Machthaus: Model for the future in small, affordable, sustainable homes
Machthaus, a single-family, off-grid, urban-infill house, reunited former Pragmatic Construction partners, Juli Kaufmann of Fix Development, Stephen Servais of Common Advantage Construction, and Nikolai Usack, the visionary for this project. Machthaus will serve as a model for small-scale, affordable and sustainable construction with process and designs documented for sharing with others.