Additional Projects


Fix Development helped pioneer deconstruction in Wisconsin. Deconstruction, the environmentally preferable alternative to building demolition, uses manual labor to hand-salvage building materials, often diverting nearly 100% of items otherwise destined to landfills. The process creates training opportunities and jobs, while generating valuable resources through salvage, recycling and re-use.

Fix Development is currently working with the Metropolitan Milwaukee Sewerage District to manage the deconstruction of 84 homes as an alternative to demolition. Part of the Kinnickinnic River flood management project, it is also being used as an environmental and job training pilot.

One of Fix Development’s deconstruction projects – the Potawatomi Administration Building Deconstruction – was named a Green Project of the Year for 2011 by Wisconsin’s Daily Reporter.

Milwaukee Matters

Fix Development initiated and participates in Milwaukee Matters, a series of conversations among small groups of people who share the common desire to make Milwaukee more sustainable. The participants are diverse and rotate, but all are willing to brainstorm ideas, create solutions and ACT – fast!

Discussions have led to the change of urban agriculture codes, car-sharing programs, a street redesign, bike corrals, food truck organizing, public art, and public acts of advocacy. Its great to see banter over beer turn into immediate outcomes to make Milwaukee better.

Nonprofit Consulting

Fix Development provides a range of strategic, facility, and development planning for nonprofit organizations interested in achieving greater organizational sustainability. Recent clients include Fondy Food CenterWalnut Way Conservation Corp. We Grow Greens, and PEARLS for Teen Girls, Inc.