Our Strategy: Sustainability

In his book, Strategy for Sustainability, author Adam Werbach outlines “Nature’s 10 Simple Rules of Business Survival.” These rules are at the core of all Fix projects — from initial strategy to development and implementation.

Here’s our way of looking at the Rules:

1. Diversify across generations. Acknowledge and accept wisdom, whether it comes from a 10 year old or a centenarian. Also, recognize that accounting for inter-generational impact strengthens outcomes.

2. Adapt to the changing environment – and specialize.  Believe that things can be different and then be the change that’s needed. Reject competition as the sole model, rather find the niche that is not being met.

3. Celebrate transparency. Tell the story — the whole story, including the real costs and the mistakes.

4. Plan and execute systematically, not compartmentally.  Make strange bedfellows and love your “enemy.”

5. Form groups and protect the young. Collaborate, merge and align often. Give unproven upstarts a chance.

6. Integrate metrics. If it wasn’t measured, it didn’t happen.

7. Improve with each cycle. Your amazing breakthrough innovation is last year’s story. What are you doing now?

8. Right-size regularly, rather than downsize occasionally. Care about people enough to be smarter with your strategy so that people are not expendable.

9. Foster longevity, not immediate gratification. Be decisive and act swiftly, but be sure to take these action thoughtfully and strategically.

10. Waste nothing, recycle everything. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. While you’re at it, don’t throw the bathwater out with the baby either!

Read Werbach’s original rules at the Fast Company blog.